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AdvicesThree Key Office Cleaning Considerations with Construction Works

March 13, 2021ukdatabase

As you come to the end of any construction project, whether a major rebuild or notable refurbishment, then bringing in the cleaners to clear-up can, unfortunately, be a last-minute thought.

What appears to be a quick builder’s clean afterwards can then be a nightmare if incorrectly costed and inadequately planned for.

And to make matters worse, because the final look often says it all, then even with the best project in the world with every compliance-box ticked – it is looks messy afterwards then customers and clients may raise serious concerns.

Whilst this is certainly the case on typical construction sites and more industrial properties, you can still have this with offices where you at first might think it’s more straight forward.

Therefore, here are three key considerations for instructing and organising the final cleaners to shape things up:

  1. Correct Access in Key

Having access to an area is always an issue when cleaning, and even more so when it comes to construction works.

You have the usual things like keys, access codes, and even where to park vehicles to consider, particularly if completed out of hours when there is no one else around to assist.

Along with that comes factors such as Lone Worker Risk Assessments and GDPR considerations, particularly when cleaning offices, and there is confidential documentation and personal items around.

But then, during building works, there may be additional considerations such as compliance with site rules and Health & Safety procedures and the practicalities of working around other contractors and professional advisors.

  1. Compliant Health & Safety Procedures is Paramount

This, of course, is always essential, particularly with the larger, complex, and commercial contracts.

Risk Assessments, Data Sheets, Coshh Health & Safety Policies and Cleaning Specifications and Schedules must not be just in existence, but up to date and applicable to that particular property and instruction.

Plus, of course, additional measures and PPE requirements under circumstances like Covid-19.

As raised in the first point, there may be issues regarding the building works and potential construction-site as well, including Site Induction.

  1. Confirmed Equipment & Substances is Essential

We then have something easily overlooked, which can cause confusion and even loss afterwards – the cleaner’s own equipment and substances.

They’ll presumably be bringing in their own, which may need to be stored somewhere on site if over a period of time, with relevant security measures and protection.

You may then have issues between any one-off builders cleaners and the more regular on-site cleaners. Items like vacuum cleaners can go ‘missing’ as people start mixing things up either mistakenly or more maliciously, which can lead to a claim for reimbursement of replacement costs by someone afterwards.

Cleaning up the Building Act

As you look to arrange the final cleaning of any office area after any form of building works, these three issues are important to note to make this as hassle-free as possible.

This is particularly so with multiple parties and people involved with this and the risk of cleaning being a last-minute after thought.

However, with careful and diligent planning, these can soon be ironed out to get things easily looking good afterwards.

Bio – Easy Cleaners are commercial office cleaners with a helpful blog of tips and tricks for all levels of cleaning


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