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AdvicesHow to choose the right roofer

October 30, 2020ukdatabase

When you’re looking for a tradesman for a project on your residential or commercial property it can be daunting choosing a contractor among the thousands here in the UK. If you’re looking for roofing services and want to choose the right roofing contractor there are several things to look for.


Locality can be hugely important as long-distance travel can affect a roofers ability to deliver the project on time. Doing a simple local search online for things like roofers Barnsley can help you narrow the search down to a few local specialists who you know will be able to easily get to your roofing project. We would recommend looking within a 30-mile radius of your home unless you have very specialised requirements that need someone with experience that is not within a normal roofing projects scope.


When it comes to tradesmen work speaks for itself and a good tradesman will often have positive reviews from genuine customers. Alternatively speak to family and friends and ask if they know of roofers who have done good work in the past. Use social media to get opinions on different suppliers and see if anyone has experience with them.

Examples of work

Getting clear examples of work that matches your own project is key when looking for your local roofer. Whether it’s on their website gallery, social media pages or photos they can supply. Although in the case of the latter ask those you invite to quote for examples of work that you can visit and see within the local area.


Here are a few questions you may want to consider asking a roofer as part of your selection process:

  • Where can unforeseen charges occur?
  • What do you do when the weather becomes difficult to work in?
  • What hours will your roofer be there?
  • Will the work be done by them personally?
  • How rubbish will be disposed of and is this included?
  • Is scaffolding needed and if it is included in the overall cost?


Never settle for just one quote. Look to get three quotes in to compare not just prices but things such as guarantees of work and materials used. Always get these quotes in writing specifically detailing costs for work.

What to look for when they are quoting

When a roofer comes to quote, pay special attention to how they approach the pricing up of the work.

  • Do they discuss safety when doing the work and do they adhere to health and safety codes for roofing services?
  • Do they inspect the area thoroughly?
  • Do they ask questions to understand your requirements?

Payment Terms

Always agree specific payment terms for your roofing work prior to the project beginning. A good roofing contractor will happily commit to a payment schedule that is fait to both parties.

Gather evidence

Do not be embarrassed by taking photos throughout the project to keep for evidence. With a good roofer these will not be needed but getting photographic evidence of a project especially before final payment is made is key to covering yourself in the eventuality of a dispute. Especially for big jobs in the commercial sector.

So, there you have it. A few tips for choosing the right roofer.






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