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AdvicesGreat Advice For Beginner Van Drivers

December 9, 2020ukdatabase

Do you have a trade and are you in the market for a new van? First you will need van finance to get you the van that you need. These tips will help you transition if you are a new van driver.

The Driving Experience

First of all, you should have a pretty good view of the road given the height of the van. You will also feel more confident if the van has power steering, which has become an industry standard for newer models. These two elements help a lot for getting comfortable behind the wheel. However, there are some things you need to get used to. Thanks to the increased size, power, and reaction of a van, it will definitely differ from driving a car.

A good example is when you step on the brakes. A large van takes longer to stop, whereas smaller vans react quicker. Then take into account the width and length of the van. Your turns need to be more cautious and wider. And the larger wing mirrors aid dramatically when turning because the last thing you want is to hit something.

 Some Parking Tips

To park a relatively large van is easier said than done. Although, for some drivers, it should not be too challenging. The trick is to stay in control and take your time. For example, make sure the parking space you want to reverse into is empty. If someone is driving with you, or there is someone nearby willing to help, ask them to guide you into the parking.

But if you have to park solo, don’t be scared to use extra caution. More specifically, utilize every available mirror and drive extra slow. You can even go as far as to climb out of the van and check for yourself. Remember that if you park very slowly and you do connect with another vehicle, the damage is going to be minimal.

Maintain The Right Speed

Another important note to make before getting behind the wheel of a van involves speed limits. In certain areas, you will be forced to drive slower. Alternatively, you can get stuck with a fine, which is the last thing you want. So, to ensure you avoid any speeding violations, watch the signs and pay attention to the road you are on.

It doesn’t really matter what you use the van for. It could be for moving things between your home and a storage container, or you might need it for work. But the fact remains that the more you drive a fan, the more relaxed and confident you start to feel. Just like when you learned to drive a car, the same principles apply to a van.

For those of you borrowing a van to move, we recommend looking at our guide and getting all the necessary info for the smoothest transition to your new place.

Sure, it is going to take some time to get familiar with driving a van. But at least the customer service at Tempcover is quick and helpful.


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